why, hello birthday month

by chloepeh

July is here!
the time when once again,
i prepare myself for some form of magical transformation as the clock strikes twelve on 30th july.

i’ve been pondering about the age and growth issue since it’s getting relevant for me these days.
and i’m confused!
‘when we were younger, we couldn’t wait to grow up. now we wish we never did’
why? why don’t you want to grow up?

it’s not just me right, not remembering clearly the things we did when we were young.
no, it’s not that it was so long ago we forgot.
it’s because we were so young, we are almost semi conscious to our surroundings.
no, pure innocent instincts are not always sufficient to decipher motives and intentions.

in no time, we become tainted and confused.
that’s why we go and find ourselves the right person to become.
we experience the nasty stuff, the lovely stuff and decide whether or not we want to do the same.
we are fine tuned and become useful better people because life wouldn’t make sense otherwise!

and that doesn’t just drop on your lap,
while you complain about how you used to ‘cry over broken crayons instead of broken hearts’

also, crayons are proportionate to a broken heart for 6 year olds okay?
when a person grows up, their monsters become bigger too. that’s just what happens.
let’s try to level up with grace.