I'm A Step Further From Being Robotic

by chloepeh

This is only my preference.
But i find it more personal when a text is adressed to me specially with ‘you’s.

‘Where to have lunch at?’
‘Where do you want to have lunch at?’

‘Aw, that made me smile’
‘Aw, you make me smile’

It’s not much difference per se..
But i realized i would much prefer to receive the latter.
It’s like a look in the eye moment if in context of an actual conversation.
The first one sounds so..robotic and formal..

I don’t know why but i’ve always avoided using ‘you’s.
At one point i thought it sounded direct and rude somehow?
I didn’t question it since, so i’ve always automatically phrased my words.
Oh god why, i’ve always sounded like a robot.

hopefully my friends would pardon me if i’m accidentally overusing the ‘you’s..
i’m just trying to be more personal….

oh. but the ‘you’ thing is not applicable during an argument.

‘the door was left opened so the rabbit hopped out!’
‘you left the door opened so the rabbit hopped out!’

‘you piss me off!’
‘that pissed me off!’

ergh, the blame is painful.. ):