like how skinny girl complains about being fat

by chloepeh

funny thing i observed.
people just don’t like it when they see someone who is not happy with what they have!
‘skinny girls complaining about being fat’ is also very much applicable for everything else.

one fine afternoon, i forgot i was feeling sad.
instead, i suddenly noticed the good stuff that had dropped from a mystical paradise into my universe.
(ok, blessings from God if i stop trying to be funny)

oh my god. i may have complained about my ferrari every time a lamborghini goes by.

i would totally roll my eye if someone keeps complaining about this amazing thing they have, that i don’t.
because no one likes that. (does no one like my overused cool cars analogies too? ha..)

not saying i have the most fabulous life, just gonna try complain lesser now.
just to be safe.