thanks, just leave it on the counter

by chloepeh

we wait until that friend gets rich and famous before we get involved
we wait until michael jackson dies before we take his music seriously
we wait until we lose something before we cherish it.
(that ‘we wait until’ template makes me sound tumblr quote-ish.)

all the flowery introduction…what i actually mean to say is
we wait until something good happens before we’re happy
and i’m not gonna do that anymore.

people say don’t postpone happiness.
way ahead of ya, i’m advancing it!

i’m gonna go ahead and be happy before anyone gives me anything good,
so no one can take credit for my happiness.

‘so you decide to finally treat me right? well, thanks. just leave that overdue kindness on the counter.’

‘thanks for tipping our coexistence with a little niceness.
too self absorbed to spare some attention or my personality not to your liking?
that’s fine too.’

^pointless angsty stuff to make me feel empowered

not gonna cling on to little treats to suck the happiness out of it
and transfer into my hungry ‘happiness tank’.
nope! my happiness tank is doing fine now.
take that!

okay, but this is not me being ungrateful.
it’s about being independent.