A Philosoraptor ‘Thank You’

by chloepeh

it’s hard to thank something you can’t see.
here are some ironic situations:

i seldom receive ‘thanks’ for packing the room to make it look normal, precisely because..
it now looks normal!
however! if i leave like, a button around, my mum will nag at me.
ok i’m just exaggerating, about just a button.
but she. will. nag.

a friend is unlikely to receive thanks for tolerating my quirks, precisely because..
she has been tolerating it!
if i am constantly aware my quirks are being tolerated with rolling eyes and mocking statements,
that’s not really tolerance anymore is it? ):

ok one last example. i’ll try not to preach but.

the most underrated blessing that God receive ‘thanks’ for, has got to be protection.
i usually forget to thank God for protection, precisely because..
i am already protected.
how do i know what protection to thank for when i’m already protected from it.

sure, i would be so thankful (out of sheer shock probably?)
if i was just a step away from
1. a falling flower pot that smashed on the feet few inches away, or
2. some drunk speeding driver you can feel the crazy wind, etc.
but not everything is like that come on!
okay….starting to get all…overly elaborated here.

i don’t really know how to thank stuff i can’t see..
but i guess i can, if i really want to..
few extra thanks never hurt anyone.