share the sense of smell/touch/etc?

by chloepeh

warning: my thoughts got so disorganized.
but get to watch me disappointed if you stick around till the end :D

wouldn’t it be nice to be able to record feelings?
sometimes i wish to be able to share that joyful feeling
when i went out of country for some getaway that time. how relaxing it was.
or the excitement when everything is finally falling into place.
there’s only so much words to describe but experiencing it is just different!
any human would agree!

also wouldn’t it be amazing to record smells.
since they are so evocative.
(^ google maybe?)

i realized so far only the sense of sight and hearing
what about taste and touch too?

it’s probably gonna be creepily intrusive to a whole new level…
woah if everything could be recorded and shared,
does that mean someone can simulate my entire experience who i am?
do i really want to connect on that level?
does it mean people have to pay?
is there gonna be a market where you get purchase the experience other people’s experience?
then is there gonna be piracy for that?
does offense for intellectual property need to be redefined?

it kinda sounds like such a bad complex idea..
but it would be a really fun bad idea..
maybe it can only work out as a movie idea.
something like Total Recall!
oh…i saw Resident Evil: Retribution’s trailer and it’s also something like that.

movies about programming some pseudo lives into people’s minds already exists, oh man!
it must have included simulating the experience of every possible sense
since it has to be believable for it to work.
oh man, and i thought i was so original. ): meh.