time is money, i’m loaded

by chloepeh

this must be the specific reason why i’m so happy.
finally done with the final project of this course that i’ve been struggling for 3 years.

now i have a lot a lot a lot of time.
i knooooow i’m supposed to either further studies or work,
or at least even begin to decide…

but this is a now or never time to do all the shit i want.
how am i going to do that next time while working.
annual leaves are so….restrictive.
the next similar phase may be retirement?
or if i take a long vacation? but that won’t look good on resume…
ah i’m rambling.

but so excited ok!
i was browsing around and saw this 20 min youtube video about drawing.
usually i’d skip that. not anymore!
it’s not like it’s useless.it’s drawing. it’s fun.
and people actually earn their living from it.

i don’t encourage wasting life..
there’s always something you can learn from anything with a right attitude.

with that, tv shows, movies, sorts of videos are included.
i can watch any video i want!
i still haven’t managed to watch some classics like Lord of the Rings.
also , i’ve been dying to watch Game of Thrones. been feeling excluded..

i can sit around and draw stuff.
i can go to places to practice photography.
i can practice playing keyboard.
i can read fiction or non fiction, or dictionaries.
ok dictionaries count as non fiction right, point is i can read whatever i like.
it sounds really boring as words. but it’s gonna so fun.
ok maybe also spamming some catching up with friends at pretty cafes/restaurants/whatever.
but that sounds expensive not very sure if that’s the plan for now.
i’m rambling again.

when i feel that i can’t laze around full time anymore,
it means i have to start on ‘decent’ stuff like everyone else.
but at least i’m not glued to something now.