contains cheese

by chloepeh

i should provide a back story for this.
i’ve always been insecure.. -dramatic music-
i’ve been dependent on people’s approvals and validations
it’s not that unique of me since girls are prone to be insecurities.
don’t mean to generalize but it’s true!!

with backstory in place as contrast,
some where along the growing up,
i stopped caring about people’s probable disapproval,
because it’s important to focus on what i really want.
i won’t get upset if i don’t receive validations from every single person.
it’s no use trying to hide from rejections that people like to casually throw sometimes.

i also care if i don’t get attention on social medias.
okaaaay i make myself sound so pathetic.
but i bet i’m not lonely in this.
now i’m only moderately upset when i get ignored.
see! i don’t care!
point and case, this rambling post.

it probably sounds like common sense,
not to be too affected by what people say casually,
but i did. ok? ):
at least now i’ve decided to stop spending energy on unnecessary fretting.

i’m feeling so liberated, therefore i have to declare it publicly.
i did take the courtesy not to unload this chunk on facebook or twitter.
it’s here to be read with discretion. heh.

this is so cheesy…talking about how i’m a ‘changed man’.
perhaps you can almost hear the cheeeesy inspiring music throughout.
i’m also extremely joyful because today was a good day.