About Push and Pull doors

by chloepeh

If you are on a door as a ‘Pull’ sign,
you better make sure the door should work only when i pull it.
If a pull door also works when i push it, it confuses me!  
I believed that if i followed the instruction by putting in more effort and pulled, i could make it work.
But turns out, even if i do it the other way around, it wouldnt even make a difference!
A push is easier than a pull, why did you restrict me?
So arent you just throwing your weight around looking like some important sign?
You’re misplacing my trust. That’s part of the reason why people dont obey anymore.
If you are going to tell people that you can only work with a pull, then stick with what you say.
If you can work with both push and pull, dont say anything.
That would only be redundant and make your words less meaningful.