Hello New Year

by chloepeh

it’s 2013 and i don’t like how random the numbers are.
Last year they were nice numbers with some sort of pattern right?
despite the crazy world ending bananaz.
i didn’t wish people Happy 2012 like i did last year, i just said Happy New Year. Yup.

So….this is where i start going all resolution-y and stuff, summing up the epic events in my life right?
But i don’t think i’ve had epic events…my life has been quite ‘low profile’
I stopped writing here for a long period of time. I ran out of stuff to write.
Actually, it just feels like i don’t really know how to express my thoughts and emotions anymore.
It felt safer to keep things to myself, hid myself away,
avoiding other people’s negative opinion, or any opinions at all.

Ok, getting too negative. Not good for a new year.

Oh, i cut my hair short this year.
Planning to cut it even shorter to satisfy my short hair phase first, before growing it back.
Can’t just do the short hair phase anyhow,
getting short hair just takes 5 mins, but growing it back can take 5 years.
Not trying to boast…but it was much easier to be pretty then…hur.

Also, i finally switched to iPhone! Yay!
i can join the row of people using their iPhones on the train. heehee.
and unashamedly, i like game apps. yes at this age, what chu gon do bout it huh!
games are good ok! they help you sustain the child in you, that could be easily dead.

aaaand i got a bunny! it’s a rabbit now.
my boyfriend, let’s call him Peanut, was so excited and soft hearted at baby bunnies.
so we got one, in September. she was only 4 weeks old then.
the hope of our baby bun to stay as a fluffy and cute baby bunny, much to the disappointment of Peanut, did not come true.
And it grew to be a naughty , much stronger and less fluffy rabbit, the sweetheart of my little sis now.
we meant for our rabbit to be named ‘Pigeon’ because it’s always balled up, like a pigeon..i suppose..?
but we kept calling it bun bun, short for bunny right.
and now it’s a rabbit, we call it bit bit. cos you know rabbit..?
so much for original names for our rabbit.

my life is super not happening one!
as Peanut likes to comfort me, i’m more of a family person..
i did finish school(pathetically struggled my ass),had a temp job(also not exactly bed of roses for that).
and planning to further my studies so i confine and get a degree too. (better not screw up on this one)
but that’s about it for my 2012.

i always have vague goals for the new year.
i hope to experience wonderful new things, become a better person in 2013,
and deepen relationships with people who matter. whatever which may come, know that God is with me.
expectations from God are a different thing.
but in and of myself,
i’m not sure if i’m capable enough to control specifically what’s to come for the new year.
i’m being realistic here.