it's just rude

by chloepeh

‘Real friends dont get offended when you insult them. they smile and call you something even more disrespectful’
arent you a little too old for hipster statements such as these,
to be spewing junk like some hormonal teen?
didnt your teacher teach you to speak politely?
what is up with this trend of casual tossing of insults at one another. (i blame 9gag)
is it fun? ok, maybe.
a test of how strong your friendship/relationship is? well, bravo. 
we’re not saints. it’s one thing to swear and vent at a nasty situation in the presence of your friends,
but it’s another messed up thing to use it AT your friend calling them bitch or whatever.
vulgarities at your friends or girlfriend (?!) as a ‘love language’?
goodness! i’d say courtesy and mutual respect is timeless.

(i apologize for my snobbish tone. but seriously, i mean it. )