-sad face-

by chloepeh

i feel like saying something but i don’t know what to say.
i suppose saying that i don’t know what to say is still saying something after all.
that’s ironic. hur.
why am i being so contradictory? and quite negative these days.
feeling lonely too.. (don’t laugh..)
earlier today i saw an article on yahoo news, the one about how singapore is one of the best places to be born,
it claims that singaporeans tend to lack positive expressions.
ok, i’m not fond of yahoo news, it’s quite trashy to be honest. hah.
however that seemed to be true.
everyone’s either complaining or being so expressionless.
it is pretty rare to catch enthusiasm around here.
i don’t really want to believe in statistics like this.
happiness level is something that is quite immeasurable isn’t it?
but seems like i’m just in denial, because it’s a sad thing for it to be really true.
being surrounded with people who sort of lost the meaning of life..
and if i were to be forced into a mould,
that doesn’t seem like a nice society to be squished in.
so…maybe this is the reason why i’m feeling negative?
cos singaporeans are being negative all around me? haha.
sounds like someone’s playing the blame game.