surfin’ the waves of life

by chloepeh

it feels like i’ve recently hopped off the safety of a boat,
and i’m learning to surf through the waves of life on my own.

surfing just feels like an apt term to use.
there are highs and lows, just like waves with high tides and low tides
i learn to accept that there will be days that are bad, be it uncontrollable or not,
it’s just a matter of sucking it up and not throwing in the towel.
and when it’s good, i’ll go ahead and ride those waves on my surfboard!

what is throwing in the towel?
it means being immature rather than trying to tough it out.
example, refusing to give people a smile, expecting them to tolerate the bad mood because something went wrong.
example, doing a work badly because it’s already has some mistakes and it’s convenient to not fix it.

but sometimes life is more than just in waves, it feels like a freaking tsunami instead.
there are moments where everything just all goes wrong at the same moment.
these are times when it’s no surfing condition,
i just crash and flail around in the choppy waters.

then there are normal days when out of the blue
my brain just fails me and i totally forget how to surf properly,
and i drop into the waters anyway.
there are also times when i’m tired and don’t feel like trying.
therefore it’ll help a lot if i can learn to ‘surf’ properly.

i think that it’s good to not take  bad days personally and can instead take responsibility in the response.