being nice doesnt pay but be nice

by chloepeh

i’m not the nicest person on earth, nor the most selfless.
but there are moments when i am nice alright!
at times i do feel life is already so hard as it is.
why be another one to add on the the hurt of another person?

i feel like being the soothing aloe vera for your sunburn,
the yummy chocolate cake for relaxing from a strict diet.
not trying to be noble, but because
life’s not a breeze for me all the time and i’m just trying to empathize and help.

however, i soon learn that it doesnt pay to be TOO nice.
treat someone too nice and they’ll take you for granted.
i guess when you allow yourself to be someone’s doormat, they won’t stop you from doing so.
i’m also guilty of being responsive and responsible for some mind games.
making use of some door mats, being an occasional door mat.
yeah trying to be nice but actually leading someone on to be your personal door mat,
is just one type of mind game.

no matter what people claim,
mind games still have their places.
and they’re still pretty damn effective, sadly so.
it’s just human nature.