by chloepeh

Today I noticed I got more mysterious scratches than usual.
Usually one mysterious paper cut gets me feeling pensive.
Why pensive? One might ask.
My brainy brain likes to link it with the mysteries of life.

Self internal dialogue :
“Oh look, I’ve got a paper cut and I don’t even know where it is from.. ”
“Hmm. Sometimes, my heart is aching and I don’t even realize it.”
Got me feeling, non-tangible wounds can be as accidental as a mere paper cuts.
wse_1_c_600Some tend be rough on the edges, and you’d easily get abrasions if you get too close.
Too bad these shapes can’t be seen easily in the real world,
It’s not like everyone has a sticker on their foreheads as descriptions.
At least one way to tell is when you didn’t watch your fingers and the pain sets in.