Turning 21

by chloepeh

There was 13 into glorious adolescence, sweet 16, legal 18 then BAM suddenly the big 21!
Came out of nowhere!
Does that mean a magical fairy will come when the clock strikes 12,
she would dust some magic powder on me and voila!
If that’s the case, i have a short list for the magic to work on.
Because..I would like to:

1. Go to Europe
(and not just for shopping in Paris! although that would be one of the first things i’d like to do when i get there)

2. Go shopping in Bangkok! That’s right, i’ve never been there before. I am deprived.

3. Have a dog! A huge huggable one.

4. Watch sunrise. (To get out of bed at that hour would take a decent amount of that magic dust.)

5. Ride in a helicopter over a beautiful land

6. Attend a yacht party and pop champagnes

7. Play on a concert piano like a pro. (Let me be Yiruma for just one day)

8. Zip through the city’s night lights in a luxury convertible

I have more over here.  a.k.a. more embarrassing stuff i have yet to try.

Recently, I had this euphoric moment to be bold.
This is probably quite silly.
See, i’ve been drafting my personal descriptions in pencil.
or like Natasha Beddingfield, i’m ‘Unwritten’.
But it’s about time to toss out my pencil and start using the pen!
Bold strokes, nothing less.
Speaking of which, think i would also like to get a tattoo.