Grown uppy stuff

by chloepeh

The only time when I did sensible stuffs was probably when I was young enough to obediently follow my mum’s instructions. I did my homework, attended tuition classes when my mum told me to and even drank those brain development milk thingies when i have phobia of dairy products. After which, defiance literally got the better of me. If I were to try illustrate the frequency of my irresponsible actions, it might be a bell curve graph. Pretty decent while growing up, good, maintain…then WTF IS HAPPENING?! Well, at least, I’m starting to see how atrociously immature I can be, which conveniently shocks me into growing some shit up. And hopefully, bringing my nonsense to a more reasonable level. Hence, a wistful bell curve instead of an upward graph of no return. 

Anywho.. few ‘grown up stuffs’ I’m trying to do: 
(I’m convinced that acting mature does not come easy to me at all.
Cos honestly, these are some really basic stuffs. Baby steps yo)

Taking daily breakfast
I have missed enough breakfasts to resolve the mystery of why I scoff my lunches down at unhealthy speeds. Also read how having breakfasts help with metabolism and god knows good metabolic rates are the key to occasional treats and desserts. I love to enjoy some cake or brownie at the end of dinner.

Making solid plans 
I can be such a terrible friend for being lazy and flaking out at times. Fortunately for you friends of mine who are still around, I am taking our little dinner plans or supper nights a little more seriously. I will not flake out until you do (:

Being punctual 
As a girl (yes, totally going with the gender thing), we tend to get overly optimistic with our preparation timing. Somehow we refuse to acknowledge that we spend way too much time matching our outfits. I learnt to just leave the house when time is up, with whatever (reasonable) outfit I have on and make it work through the day. Tough love for self. Maturity.

Being neat and organized
As a half fledged working adult, I’ve learnt to keep my workspace neat and tidy. Which makes it even more ironic why I can’t do the same back at home, when I even initiate improvisations for filing system in the office. Trying to minimize the tornadoes of mess that I leave around the house..