speaking of new year’s resolutions

by chloepeh

I am mind blocked by all the new year’s resolutions i see around. some are so good, i can’t resolve anything to top that. And there are the tacky ones that i wish to avoid, haha.  but here’s my resolution:
to be healthy, happy and to make this the best year yet.
(tackiness apparently unavoidable in this case)

First thing after work, i’ll be heading to Ion to get that sweet blue 2014 planner from kikki.k. it’s written ‘best year yet’ on the cover, it’s really cute. JUST SEE BELOW! sorry i’m just so excited









Why wait for a new year to change‘. << THIS is everywhere.

okay, i get where it is coming from. one should be ever changing and improving all year around, yadah yadah.

But hello,just because one can make changes any other time of the year, doesn’t mean it’s wrong to make new year’s resolutions. I feel so defensive about this, because the tone is so condescending and like implying people haven’t done anything till new year’s eve then they TRY to get their act together wishfully. ugh. i just can’t.

i honestly like the time of new year to look at things that happened in hindsight with this positive attitude that everything is going to be better. Even if it means people start aiming for the more challenging albeit slightly impractical  stuffs, like going to gym 4 times a week and having cakes only once a month (??! omgosh how can), AT LEAST it serves as a trigger point for some majestic change. why not give some props for that.

look i changed the look. new year new theme!