I’ve learnt these in 2013

by chloepeh

On the last week of 2013, i bought my first cup of ABC juice. I swear it tastes like mud when i tried my friend’s one. Although with each complaint for each try (I don’t know how my friend tolerates me),  i may have secretly enjoyed it.  Maybe it’s one of those acquired taste kind of food. The one i got for myself tastes nothing like mud. It tastes like lemongrass?? Think i prefer the muddy tasting one.
I’ve learnt that the beet in ABC juice turns your poop red, subsequently purple. It seems the color tends to fade, within my body/digestive system.

Think i only learnt to write proper essays with citations and referencing just last year in 2013. I didn’t need to do that in poly because animation course. It’s a nice change from bulkier sketchbooks and light boxes (holy shit those are heavy as an elephant) to laptops.  Nothing to brag but i noticed i might be getting more fluent in essay writing stuffs. Although to be honest, it’s more of improved bullshitting skills. Then i pat myself on the back for sustaining a blog. How am i voluntarily writing chunks of words. I planned to type something here a week ago but i really couldn’t because i was struggling with some mind sucking school essay.

Age might be catching up to me. I learnt that I cannot pull all nighters without having visible effects. I will literally look ‘shag’. It’s not that i was a vampire before this and all nighters are not tiring at all, but it didn’t show as much when i was, *gasps* younger. Now i understand why they call it beauty sleep.  On the same note of sleep, I’m also learning to appreciate firmer mattresses. No more squishy soft mattresses that are fun to sink into. Now they scare me because back aches are real.

I got small gifts for my family on Christmas. Okay, it’s a pride thing, but i dig deep into my pocket when it comes to gifting. I would set a budget that I can barely scrape out, and top that just a little more. Hence, i have been missing some gifts for my mum in 2013 because i can’t afford a ‘decent’ one. Ugh. No more empty handed appearances for special occasions. I learnt that even without the ‘ideal’ gift, a small item would be good as a gesture. Will get my mum nice stuffs when i graduate and can afford more without bleeding.

I don’t know why is this list getting more embarrassing as it goes. But this year, i have learnt to participate in group chats. I was in the same group chat with a friend, and she replied without any hesitation. It was like witnessing fearlessness at that point. Go ahead, laugh, whatsapp group chats are apparently intimidating. I tend to read too much into it, and wonder why am i getting ignored sometimes. Then i shrivel into my corner and wilts from rejection. I have learnt to be bold since! *stoic*

Okay, i should stop for now already. Haha