how much can you position yourself?

by chloepeh

today the sky is really gloomy. making me feel all pensive.
i feel like i’m going to go all dear diary for this post which feels liberating and also wistfully unfamiliar.

back in office today after a long weekend, thank God it was good Friday.
today, i suddenly feel more aware of an advantageous position i’m in, office context, and that makes me feel rather conflicted. it’s one thing to hear of people taking advantage of their positions and circumstance, and another to actually experience it. it feels like one of those, ‘woah this shit is real’ moments. seeing first hand, the siphoning of opportunities, it got me wondering what it’s like being on the other side. it kind of explains why sometimes life just sucks. some people really just have it much easier because of sheer luck, being at the right place at the right time. the opportunities are all being taken up on a first come first serve basis, what’s left are mostly crumbs. it’s not to say one should wait for opportunities to fall on the lap, but this is seriously one of the examples where it makes one exclaim ‘life can be so unfair’.

and that’s all i’ve got for the day, my stamina for this is getting weak. i meant to ramble more, but the attention span is too short. plus the fact that i’m at work right now. odd, i have some actual work to do.