it was great while it lasted

by chloepeh

you can’t tell your heart what to do,
which is the perfect excuse of how illogical it is behaving.
despite my efforts to keep myself occupied and upbeat,
i found myself centering back to a particular place.
or specifically someone i wrote about on 23 june.
(please don’t reread that sentimental crap when there’s another one right here)
somewhere you come back to after a long day.
a place where you long to rest and spend your time at.
it was him, and he was like home to me.
lately i realize i’m just returning to an empty house.
and no one was there except for myself.
it was a process of unreturned phone calls and text messages.
his interest in my life and daily activities, slowly dwindled down to nothing.
i’m feeling lonelier in this state than just being on my own.
so i made a decision.
i’m moving out..out of this empty house. And moving on.