take me there

by chloepeh

this question is interesting cause i feel it depicts someone’s personality and encompasses current underlying emotions and thoughts. well, sort of, according to my logic. and i like how this question can be asked at any time and the answer might just take a 180 degree change.

So, what is the one thing you wish to do right now, anywhere in this world?

for those wondering with a burning curiosity on my answer, i would like to take a drive with my friends through either New York or London’s city night lights. It’ll be slightly past 11pm, neither too early nor too late and the ground wet from the rain. With the car parked by the road side, we’ll be chilling at the outdoor seats of a bar with beer or whisky and um, fresh air, till 3am.

to be realistic, now i just can’t wait for my exam to be over. which is in about 6 hours time. have got a list of things to do once my time is freed up, but we all know that’s just a fantasy. call it pre exam goggles.