follow your heart and cravings

by chloepeh

to fellow right-brain brethren*,
it is as important to follow food cravings, the way you follow your heart.

according to Oxford dictionary definition,
Craving is a powerful desire for something.
point here is, why live life without cravings, and the satisfaction in them?

i found myself a cheat to satisfy food cravings while minimizing the typical consequence aka Fats Monster*.
by altering the thought process to get healthier food cravings, i sometimes find myself craving for a bowl of rocket salad.
aren’t i such a weird health nut? just kidding, who doesn’t crave for chocolates and cakes. not forgetting my favorite potato chips.

i’m not sure if it’s just me,
but i have high tides and low tides when it comes to cravings.
as in, some days my stomach brain* likes to think dirty and forgets what is eating clean. (*: i know, such creative imaginary vocabularies)
when that happens, i’ll just go with it. leap of faith!
relying on my next cravings that will be cleaner soon enough.
salmon sashimi anyone?
i think it’s more fulfilling than trying to curb your appetite all day long.

actually this can also be an analogy to life.
the heart and mind gets cravings too. and cravings don’t need reasoning,

just like how there are the introverted stay-at-home moods, and the extroverted going-out-to-have-fun moods.
they are usually subconscious states, which will sometimes make sense only in hindsight.
when your heart is telling you something,
i’d say, just go for it!