It’s kind of an annual thing

by chloepeh

I’m not getting any younger here. Whatever happened to counting down to 00:00 of 30th July and wake up jumping out of bed like an over energized rabbit. What actually happened this year was this. 00:00 i was just on the car with my friend and frantically finding our way to supper destination. not that i minded checking back to my phone at 12:08 to some lovely birthday wishes (thank you). In the morning, I was awoken by the usual 7-8 alarms because it’s a work day and I have work to go to. No where near from jumping out of bed, it was more like a sloth crawl that was summoned by all the energy I had from all 3 hours of sleep. Having left the house after I was done preparing, I had a moment of confusion of what is the date today. Wouldn’t want to get overdressed for the wrong day right?? Such ‘white girl’ problems i know. I urgently checked my phone calendar to confirm if it was 30th July. At least I still had it in me to feel the tingling surreality that it’s really my birthday today.

What’s a birthday without toying with the thought of your ideal gifts? Here are some things that friends and family can get me.

1. A golden retriever.
2. A Simmons quality mattress. Is it possible to actually gift someone the gift of slumber? No, but this is the next best thing and I gladly accept. Note that the brand is just a point of reference in quality.
3. An annual supply of coupon for manicure/pedicure. Because I’m such a special snowflake, I honestly don’t want this for vanity’s sake. It’s only because I’m so lazy. I’m lucky I’m a girl, because my commitment (or the lack of it) in the bi-weekly/monthly nail cutting affair, would be really socially unacceptable if I were a guy

(i hope it is obvious i’m just joking.)
have a great day everybody!