mild food poisoning

by chloepeh

it began as a cautionary tale which was something like a myth to me:
don’t get sushi past 8pm. it’s not fresh.

it was a long day at work, knocked off around 8pm and
finally picked up some salmon sashimi at 9pm.
it must have been a sign when the cashier gave me a concerned look when i said no wasabi.
probably wouldn’t be sick if i taken the wasabi which kills germs.
but i don’t like wasabi. ):
as my stomach started acting up with discomfort for the 2 hours that i was watching tv,
i kept telling myself i was just being paranoid.
but eventually i couldn’t will power it in and rushed to throw up.
it was rather interesting to see how the salmon sashimi came out as some sort of a cooked texture.
i imagine cooking raw salmon with your body temperature is as fun as cooking an egg with an overheated laptop.
anyway, once is never enough when it comes to puke.
puke is pretty damn nauseating, as if i wasn’t already nauseated enough and that caused me to puke more till there was nothing left.

i went to work the next day, but i couldn’t sit through it and took the day off instead.
i have to say that i’m not feeling very easy about upsetting my manager with my absence.
but anywho, i had some plain food, fishball noodles, when i reached my house area.
my stomach didn’t feel too good again.feels like it regurgitates everything that goes in.
so i took a nap so that i would be too unconscious to feel sick and throw it up again. genius or what?

i’m just thankful the salmon was just a small portion. if not i might be unwell for a longer time.
but dear god i really love salmon. i love food. i’m still reeling from how this can happen.
my first time being poisoned by food. so this is how it feels to be betrayed by a loved one.