i fell in love with my best friend

by chloepeh

his name is Nicholas C.L. and he is currently my boyfriend. (:
we never actually declared each other as best friends per se.
but we sure were acting like one.
or perhaps we were just building up to this,
because the best thing is that your lover is also your bestfriend.

we hung out almost everyday.
and he was my go to guy every time i had something to get off my chest.
yeah, now i feel bad
for rambling so much to him about my romance woes previously.
so he knows exactly about that someone whom i was so busy emoing about in june/july.

it has always been great to spend time with him.
even more so as he conveniently lives down the street.
he’d drive over within a matter of minutes and we’d go anywhere for meals,
followed by tons of spontaneous plans. we’re pretty good with the yolo game.
movie? let’s go. karaoke session, sure!
go somewhere relaxing just to talk shit, anytime.
it’s friday night, let’s go club with friends.

of course, in these sort of stories, there’s always the initial awkwardness to overcome when we try to throw romance into the mix.
sure, we were really comfortable with each other already.
like when he drags me to the theaters for his favorite horror films, i’d end up closing my eyes and huddle up to him.
i already told him i was terrified!
not to mention the hands on waist and dancing together in clubs.
but when we intentionally held hands for the first time,
i went all pre-schooler style, “oh my gosh ew so weird!”
and he was patient as always and laughed it off.
but for now, prepare the crackers, there’s gonna be cheese,
because i never want to let go anymore.

shifting gear from friends mode to relationship was fun yet frightening for me.
god knows and he knows,
how frequently i had panicked at the notion of commitment.
despite that, we still managed to create amazing moments together.

it’s a pleasant surprise, how natural and how right it feels being with Nich.
it’s one of those moments like he’s right there all along.
he’s someone who understands me better than i know myself.
i always thought he was a good catch, that he’s a great listener,
he’s observant and caring, has a great mind, with an endearing personality.
yeah, he class himself as the best boyfriend material ever.
it’s really funny how these trivial comments and opinions before,
has become so relevant now.