of fluff and steel

by chloepeh

in this refined world of crafted lies,
we have all learnt to cover our asses pretty damn well.
we show people what they want to see.
big boss wants to meet a deadline? game face on.
clique wants to go out to have a good time, party face on.
a girl friend just broken up? empathy face on, though you never liked the guy anyway

don’t get me wrong,
i’m not griping now about why the world has to be like this.
i’m just saying this is a common reality.
and in the process of dishing out whatever any situation demands of us,
we blend accordingly, almost like a chameleon.
we put aside what we really mean to say, or what we really mean to behave,
usually it’s just too troublesome to go out of the norm.
eventually, we become so conditioned.

it doesn’t become too hard to behave like someone you are actually not.

it reaches a point whereby you know someone
only by the personality they have chosen to become,
and whether they  have been able to act it out well enough or not.
that’s kind of scary because it masks whether a person has truly good character or not.

So, Character.
currently an outdated concept which is foreign and irrelevant in everyday life.
and i’ll be honest,
i can’t care if my boss has a good character or not.
if my workload becomes unreasonable, i dislike him/her irregardless.
example of how irrelevant the notion of character can be in reality.

my main point here is,
in life where everyone around you is putting on a face and performing on a stage,
it’s the hard times and the tough decisions that separates fluff from the real deal.

do you live out your values or do you cave under temptation?
will you lend an extra hand or are you too self absorbed to put others first?
it’s easy to put on a show, but when there’s no one watching, are you still kind and patient?
that’s all very dependent on whether one has a character of steel.

it’s not a lost cause.
if this is genuinely important, just refocus and rebuild.