are we overusing the templates?

by chloepeh

definitely being a freshie out of adolescence
has granted me a greater sense of freedom.
it’s a legit time for me to resist pure authority
because that’s not the way adults should communicate, right?
as life morphs into a fun-filled 100,000 piece jigsaw puzzle,
it gets harder for your life mentors to specifically tell you what to do.
honest to God, i really wish they could though at times.
but when the issues i used to recite to my mum or godsis or bestfriend,
can no longer fit into a list of an A4 page,
that’s when i realize i’m the only one who can deal with my own shit.

so i enter into this confusing stage where i seek opinions
from anywhere to everywhere else;
just so i can piece some sort of direction to work towards.
is that why people say google is your bestfriend?

that didn’t work out that well.
i feel extremely bipolar when i google too much.
just look at which is the most suitable dieting method,
not to mention the not so trivial issues like whether i should quit my job or not.
bottom line is, only i know myself best, of what i want and what i should do.

granted there are certain guidelines on how one should go about their lives.
they can range from,
avoid drinking till 3am on a weekday before an important meeting to
avoid getting pregnant before getting a college degree to
avoid casually punching annoying people even though they were asking for it,
so on and so forth. the list never ends.

it’s fine to take a page or two from that handbook.
i’d rather view it as merely a template, of life.
be it from the internet, parental guidance,
teacher’s advice, boss’ instructions even?

we all need templates and stencils once in awhile,
but i would prefer doing life freestyle eventually.