heart rest

by chloepeh

Sleep is one common form of rest.
There are a million ways to be tired,
There are also a million and one forms of rest.

There’s arm rest from an arm chair for tired shoulders,
there’s also a leg rest to prop aching thighs,
and there’re neck rests which looks as strange as it is acceptable on a plane.
Of these arms, legs, neck and all,
the most important part of a person has got to be the heart, right?

It can be a father’s consolation of his new born’s cries in the middle of the night,
or yawning through a late night international call,
or burning midnight oils for that damned college degree you signed up for yourself,

Sometimes what’s better than sleep, what’s worth being physically tired,
is letting the heart be at rest.

What makes your heart rest?

And the heart can be very noble, almost like a personified busybody! Hehee! (: Cheers!