My Shining Star

by chloepeh

People should fall in love with their eyes closed
– Andy Warhol

Here i am, (three long) months without his tangible presence beside me,
and finally anticipating the return of my sweetheart in a matter of (three!!) days.

The entire course felt like falling in love with my eyes closed, really.
Embracing all that i can reach out for, through a thick fog-like barrier,
surely feels similar to a blindness awareness in, having my eyes closed.
i’ve got nothing much to rely on except tuning in to
to my whiny, panicky, erratic, heart in this long distance.
The substance of this relationship is our best shot at holding everything together.

Another quote,
(not to be confused with the earlier one having to close your eyes,)

The darker the night, the brighter the stars.
– F.D.

And our stars, are really beautiful as they shine.
I wouldn’t mind staring at them all night.
However, there are times when the sky feels too dark to handle,
and sometimes it’s because the stars get veiled by black clouds.

The dark and bittersweet moments are when
i would give anything, to just hold his hands, or look at his face.
Skype calls can only do so much ’cause the video quality is
not good enough for me to count the number of his ridiculously
long curly lashes as i stare into his eyes.

All these said, now i’m just too contented
with the fact that Nich will be right by my side soon. Yey. c:

I have tons of simple loopy things to do with him and here are just a few:
(Sorry honey, but you are automatically on board with me on this)

1.Let’s grab a spoon and dig into a half cut watermelon.
Watermelon rind can double as a bowl or a funky cap, yes?

2.Do unnecessary grocery/snacks midnight shopping at our Admiralty MRT station.

3.Play Soda Crush on each other’s phone. Candy Crush is so passe.

4. Mainstream restaurants hopping, because we’re too lazy for indie style cafe hunting and hopping.

All these little things on top of Nich’s birthday celebration,
and there’s Christmas, then New Year’s countdown.
So glad he is back for this season. Tis gon be a Merry Merry Christmas ho ho ho!