My humble opinion of Fifty Shades of Grey

by chloepeh

I’ve never read the book, and the movie isn’t out yet. Maybe that’s why I don’t understand why can’t it be 50 shades instead of being all troublesome and spelt out as F-i-f-t-y. But I know enough that it is essentially porn and specifically about BDSM. (with sprinkles of romance and some sort of story line?)
Now, I’m going to sound like a grandma but Hollywood has done enough in moulding the highly sexual culture for what it is today.
With humps and junks on vevo YouTube channels as common as birds in the sky, private parts are no longer as private being that there’s really not much room left for imagination. Its safe to say that we are now more desensitized or even having a false sense of entitlement when it comes to our romantic partners. Simply put, all these media exposure has a huge role to play in dehumanizing sexuality.
I was perfectly fine with the discreet black and white porn that people carry everywhere. I heard some books has the ability to make stories come alive and taking you through it, and thankfully Fifty Shades of Grey is not likely to be prone to this syndrome. Everyone needs their dosage of lack-luster erotic reading, I get it.
What I’m apprehensive about is the potential backlash of this film adaptation. Visuals and sounds are very powerful tools. Not to mention the worldwide audience involved.
Anyway, I was watching the trailer yesterday with an open mind and a sense of curiosity, thinking perhaps I will see the good reason for this sensation. Maybe I will finally discover why on earth does grey color need so many shades.
It started with how a pretty girl and a handsome man meets, following with the way they fall in love which at this point I was quite appealed and I was lapping it all up. I mean, the office building looks grand! Not to mention a beautiful orange lighting, timely zoom-ins on those stunning eyes, so on and so forth. Then, it finally flashed in, a sex scene, sort of. All I saw was her hands tied, sweat dripping, heavy breathing. Of course, it’s BDSM! It’s only the key personality of Mr Grey. What else should I be expecting, silly goose. And then,I felt so confused. Even that looked so glamorous, with a hint of painful desire, tingling curiosity and hesitance. It all felt too realistic for me. It’s not because I was ashamed for being appealed to that experience. But the fact that, anyone would. Why not experiment it in real life, right? It suddenly looks so sexy and adventurous.

Thanks for easing this extreme concept into a seemingly romantic flick, categorized under Drama and Romance on IMDB.
I get that Fifty Shades of Grey is a popular fiction and it’s understandable that Universal Pictures wishes to cruise on its success/popularity. No matter how tormented Christian Grey might play out to be, this film has inevitably romanticized BDSM and made it out to be so glamorous.
At the rate it is going, it is bordering on intrusive. I can google that shit up when I feel like it,instead of having it being shoved in my face. Have I mentioned that I actually stumbled upon the trailer of Fifty Shades of Grey while I was watching other YouTube videos? Intrusive.
I feel rather unsettled and bothered that this is going to be a movie in my neighborhood cinema. Even if it is going to be rated, a 7 year old is probably going to ask why is it so popular and what it is about. It’s like Miley Cryus trying to encrypt ecstasy as Molly. Come on who are we trying to kid. Do we really need such awareness? There’re enough traumatic news going around in real life and that’s already inevitable.
Call me naive but I just don’t think it’s ethical to broadcast such a subjective and controversial topic. Just because they can, doesn’t mean they should.

‘Mr Grey will see you now’ ?
No, thank you.