Gotta fix my body clock for work

by chloepeh

My new job’s waiting for me tomorrow and i feel compelled to remind myself all over again of what i constantly feel about working.
The main part about being chronically tired is definitely my favorite. That includes the daily routine of waking up at 7am including 1 hour of travel so that i can roll into office at plus minus 9am. Usually plus.
I am not a morning person which means it is no easy feat. Currently i’m in my natural habitat with my absurd body clock. Some people might think of it as bumming around, which isnt incorrect either, but i’d prefer to view it as one good solid month of relax and rest. The above mentioned 7am that i have to wake up from tomorrow onwards, is the same 7am that i have been going to bed at. Just aiming to sleep before the sun rises. Need lots of luck tuning my body clock back.
I wonder how it became like this, maybe everyone needs 30 hours a day : 20/10, awake/asleep ratio, or vice versa. Turns out when you are couch potatoing, it doesnt spend too much energy and you can stay up longer. And it feels good, to do whatever i want, whenever i want. List of things accomplished includes TV series marathon, iphone game apps binge, attempts at reading books, not to forget tons of eating and sleeping.
There’s this chinese saying that goes: lazy people pee and poop a lot, which aptly describes my current state of 懒人屎尿多. I aint ashamed. Sometimes work gets so busy there isnt even time to use the loo! I appreciate my liberty to drink as much water as i wish and head to the toilet as many times i like. Ah, simple joys in life.
I managed to spend much more time with my family. My dark circles are not as dark anymore and i dont feel like death everytime i wake up now. Been hopping from banks to banks since 2 years ago without much breaks in between. This is the longest break since and i’m obviously liking it too much. What’s not to like when everyday feels like a weekend and there is not even a need for TGIF. I’m really excited for the new office tomorrow too, it was that ideal one i wanted amidst all the interviews i went for. But, I dont live to work, i work to live.