by chloepeh

Today is a public holiday which makes yesterday an equivalent of TGIF, am i doing the maths right?
I had intentions to punctuate my work week and start the long weekend with a night out, drinks and all.
I went home first for delicious home cooked dinner, and it ain’t hard to guess that I didn’t want to step out again.
With the work-hard-party-hard plan out of the window, I thought that I could catch up on the things I didn’t manage to get to during the weekdays and simply unwind.

Long story short, I didn’t even manage to get to that. I ended up dozing off on the couch after a nice heavy meal. Before I fell into my 2 hour slumber, I vaguely remembered that I was inching my body position from a sitting position into a lying foetal position while watching Good Mythical Morning on my iPad. No form of resistance while I was in that conducive state. Got a cushion under my head and off I went. All I can say is that it has been a long tiring week. The thing is, I can’t go to sleep without showering, but I also didn’t have enough energy to shower. See the pickle that I was caught in?

It’s currently 2am after sobering up to some newly charged energy sufficient for me to take a shower.
I think I might have just redefined my own TGIF. It involves some food, some shows, some sleep and location is home.
This isn’t the first time too. Once or twice before, my way of celebrating the weekend involves getting a McSpicy meal with some good ol coke and fries, couching with something I like be it books or some shows, and procrastinating shower for way too long.