Last comes before First

by chloepeh

Today is my last day of work, and tomorrow will be my first day of work at another team. I’m doing an internal transfer and generally I feel glad about it because this is something that I want and looking forward to. As prepped by my new manager, ‘This process should be seamless to you. No action required from you at this point. Your current manager and I will handle everything’, and it sure is seamless. So much that it has already been decided on my behalf that I will start the very next day, even if it means 1 working day left for this week on the day that I will be starting. I mean, is it odd or is it just me? Because ideally, you would want to bring someone new in start of week right? It reduces the chances of people wondering for a moment why is there a strange girl at that corner and going oh yeahhhhhh. I’m afraid of awkwardness and awkward is when people forget me over the long weekend. Yeah, there’s a public holiday on Friday which means long weekends! (And also an off day on payroll so….not complaining hee). 

I know that it’s not the most uncommon occurance..people start work immediately, it happens. But having your last day of work and first day of work in a singular week -not to mention back to back- it’s kinda daunting. 

I barely slept 3.5 hours last night therefore am completely uncoordinated the entire day. I kept dropping pens, staring into blank space and my brain simply mistook its identity as a snail. Reason being, I really wanted to have a nice closure and farewell from my current team. Hence, sketching mini versions of my colleagues as cards and packaging candies, at 3 am! On a weekDAY. #badass. 

Well, one could argue that I could have done it over the weekend beforehand but well, I’m just too good at procrastinating.

One more thing about me, I’m also an introvert and occasionally anti-social. That means an influx of conversation topics on the farewell can stress me out a little bit. Not to mention first days of work are generally stressful for anyone. 

On a more positive note, I think I’ll definitely miss the team/ fresh batch into the list of ex-colleagues. Moments are so fleeting! (Ha, reference from my previous post) Work has been rather enjoyable, I don’t hate it (phew! – actually, I love it), and have been doing it everyday since this year started. Just like how one is used to a morning routine, one will feel uneasy and even a sense of loss when forced to change to a completely new routine. 

Anyway! Brand new start, fresh chapter of my life here I come. The pages have been flipped and the last sentences of the current chapter has been penned down. Time to look forward and embrace whatever comes. For better or for worse, one thing is for sure and it’s that I am moving forward and I will grow.