Feeling just a little resigned

by chloepeh

Last night, i dreamt that there was a news from governent that they will be calculating how much time we have left to live. The calculation was based on things you do on personal levels instead of legal level, things that you never thought they knew. It was almost as casual as turning up for an appointment date ‘cept you cease to exist after which. My due date to die was 31 days. But that was considerably optimistic because everyone else’s was about 1 week’s time. And everyone started to get busy about wrapping up their lives, say their last words to people they havent seen in awhile. It felt like an ethnic cleansing, except not just certain ethnics but everyone. Then i got angry and wondered why is no one revolting. I went around trying to convince people but no one seemed to understand what i was talking about. They were all so busy with preparing for their last days. Somehow, my due date got recalculated again, with a list of my sins and it shorted to 3 days more. I kept wondering why people wouldnt fight and try to go against a higher authority, even to the point of death. The whole dream left me feeling very hopeless.

I feel rather resigned about people right now too, to be honest. People would throw you under the bus if it means protecting themselves. At the end of the day, everyone dies alone due to selfishness. Lol.