Writing about writing

by chloepeh

Once I manage to write on something, it sort of kicks start a momentum. I believe writing is not so much about the topic, but how a point is being brought across – just like how communication is 55% body language, 38% tone of voice and 7% of actual works spoken. Which means one topic can permutate into many different forms and that also means there’re actually endless things to talk about because it’s not about what you say rather, how you say it. 

And when I tap into my mind to create a post, by vacating all the buzz from the daily grind and focus on expressing my opinions, I feel that I can take the same posture to create more.

But truth is I haven’t really managed to take that spark and reignite a chain of other topics. I’m constantly hitting a writing block and constantly trying to break the ice. I feel like I am always warming up!

So if anyone starts noticing that I’m always either talking about 1. Writing or 2. Life, or 3. Dealing with emotions, yeahhh, am well aware. I think so too. And that’s because when I do write here on the blue moon, it’s mostly triggered by those reasons above. 

I am trying to shift the focus on lighter and more variated topics. Perhaps on certain trending facebook posts such the meme worthy wedding photos? 

Anywho, I’m mentioning this now partly out of my own frustration, how I don’t have the luxury of time to really commit. Another part in defense that I may be seeming like a one-trick pony..

Working on it. :) Till next time, cheers!