Chloe’s version of Life Tips 

by chloepeh

Note-To-Self / good habits 

Constantly making mental notes is exactly like sticking Post-it notes in your brain. It’s a Note To Self, on what to avoid or do better the next time. Over time, mental notes will evolve into good ol habits. 

It’s completely natural and only human to choose TV over errands. But it’s not as fun when your pet hamster falls sick and dies because you chose to watch TV time and again, not cleaning its house frequently enough. By TV, I meant YouTube. By you, I meant me. And I thought to myself then ‘Oh, godd*mn Shit’. 

Honestly, life is too short to go ‘Oh shit’ over and over again, for the same shit. That shitty moment is what I put on my Post-it and it says ‘Don’t let your laziness kill your pet’. Mental notes are formed from being sufficiently frustrated by the consequence of your own oversight/inexperience/laziness/any other human nature. 

I don’t like calling the bank’s customer service hotline, pleading (not really but feels like it) them not to charge me $70 for late payment. Which is why I now try to pay the bills the moment it arrives. The reality has sinked in that bills will never magically go away if I close my eyes. Especially those unforgiving ones which only grows bigger with interest rates and late charges. 

I have also tried countless times wishing my hunger away those busy mornings when I didn’t have time to grab any food on my  way to work. Why is why I plan my breakfast ahead now. I now have a bowl, and a box of cereal at my work desk as my default/standby breakfast. I’m always starving in the morning and also craving for cereal 24/7 so that works quite well. 

Why is why I now bring 2 tabs of Zyrtec in my bag, in case my nose allergies act up and I really just want to have a good time instead of rubbing my nose angrily. 

Why is why I always Ctrl+S obsessively
(like right now as I’m typing this) 

I could go on and on with this list..

Your personal traits

More of subjective terms – what inspires you and what sucks the life out of you? Like identifying if you are an introvert or extrovert? Left brain or right brain? Embrace the traits that you personally thrive in, instead of trying to fit into an idea. 

I’m still figuring out bits of myself. Like realizing that I’m mostly introverted. For each social event, I will feel relatively spent afterwards and need alone time to recharge, unlike my extroverted friends who never seem to run out of steam. There seems to be some truth in the popular conception that introverts are the nerds, and extroverts are the popular kids. There’s nothing to feel insecure about that because my aim is to be a social butterfly nerd, best of both worlds. 

Also learning to accept that I’m more logical than creative. While I used to study in a design course, I can’t really doodle from scratch. Instead, I am better at sketching an object or a person, detail for detail. It’s challenging for me to create an original idea, but I am better with pushing existing ideas towards an edgier direction. 

Point is, it’s not about the right or wrong. It’s about understanding own elements, like how a fish can swim better than climbing trees. 

Managing heart and mind

To put in tacky terms, emotions are a gift because it’s what makes us human not simply machines. There are happiness and sadness. But too much of any good thing, and bad thing, is not good. That’s for me at least, I’m already quite (an) emotional (wreck) to begin with. Which is why I always believed that it’s better that emotions are under control instead of being freely experienced. I love feeling happy (okay I know, who doesn’t), but it scares me to feel overwhelmingly happy. 

Just like how the heart is commonly personified, emotions are not the most rational. It’s the mind which does the rationalizing and puts things into perspective.

Fire is a good servant but a bad master. Same goes for money, and emotions too.

We are our own worst critic

In some ways, it can be beneficial to be your own worst critic. But don’t forget to also be your own greatest admirer. Sounds a little bipolar..but, life is all about balance. 

There are always things that we wish to change about ourselves. There are also things which we should never change for anyone. Introspect a little and  decide what are your non-negotiable traits. So if anyone comes along with their opinions of you, you won’t be confused. Because there will be people who bitch-gossip to you, about you, pretending they care, and call it ‘constructive feedback’. On the other hand, there are also people who genuinely care and tells you things that you need to hear. …I may have digressed. 

Be kind to yourself because it’s too easy to be harsh. But also keep nudging yourself out of comfort zones. Don’t stagnate, because that is not being kind to yourself either.