New Year’s Resolution for 2017

by chloepeh

People are right, aren’t they. New Year’s Day is really just another day, and it is going to be just another year. New year’s resolutions which actually work are almost like unicorns, things that no one ever really witness, right? Most can relate to that jaded feeling, that feeling which also tells you it’s not worth it to head out for the fireworks at some countdown to get trapped in a human traffic jam after. Now that all the New Year’s Eve parties and countdowns are done and dusted, I’m glad that’s over and makes me feel those are just the frosting. The main dish is that, it is a new year nonetheless. 

And that, I still have a spark of inspiration. Inspired enough to set those new year resolutions. As jaded as I am and worn out as I am from 2016, and as much as people laugh at how futile new year resolutions are. 
It’s a close of one year and an opening of a new one, which makes one can’t help but review on what had been done and what to do next. It’s another shot to make it your year. It’s like an energy refill, a reset button, to reengineer another year of your life. 2017 is fresh and new, so why not use it as a chance to see everything with fresh eyes, new perspective. Sometimes, all we need is perspective.

I didn’t set any resolutions for year 2016, it’ll be better to place some milestones for 2017 now. Feels funny not having any milestones to benchmark the completed year against. 

My resolution for this year is simple and attainable. I want to learn at least one new thing every week and jot them down during the weekend. Be it something I have learnt along the way, or something I go out of the way to learn. Of course with the overarching goals of sleeping enough, eating healthier, and spending quality time with loved ones. I know that we all learn something new every other day but that is usually not reflected upon nor are we fully aware. I find that it’s the consciousness of it that inspires.

The reason why I chose this as my resolution is because I got burnt out frequently in 2016. After work, I am usually too tired to do shit. That tiredness usually spills into the weekend. I don’t have much energy to do the things I truly want to do, I just spend the weekend lazily and the work week starts again. It’s quite the vicious cycle.

I realize I am happy when I am growing as a person, when I am learning and feeling inspired. With this resolution for 2017, I am reminded to invest in my personal development. Even if it’s a small step on a tiring week, it still counts. 

I am excited. I want to read more books, research more on how to do things a better way and ideally finding a project or hobby to commit to. Keeping it simple for now, the specifics will come down the road. 

What are you hoping for in 2017?