do i work well under pressure?

by chloepeh

usually no ,
when it comes from people.
i am extremely neurotic about people giving me pressure.

more often than not,
when people tell you to do something
they never think about your feelings, or
they’re just uncomfortable/annoyed with you,
more than for your own benefit.

i expect some form of trust in the way i do things.
you can’t just budge in and tell me how to live my life.
has backfiring never been considered?
dont you think you should be responsible when that happens?
so much for ‘helping’

enough with being defensive.
i’m also guilty of rejecting good willed pressure.
good willed meaning the person had actually observed the way i do things,
then looked at it objectively, and suggest it in a matured manner.
(that’s not all),
while, believing the best in me.
so much for not being defensive.
still being super defensive here.

indirect pressure works fine for me,
indirect meaning circumstantial.
means it’s kinda subjective.
well, sometimes i just throw in the towel.
other times i do work hard for it.
but thats only because i rather push myself
before anyone else can irritate me about it.

does no pressure equals no discipline?
is pressure really necessary?
how do we draw the lines

pressure and i just don’t seem like best friends.

9:41 pm